WAC Business Networking at Top Jump Inflatable Park

January 30, 2020


Start Your Business Year the Right Way at Our Exclusive Networking Event

WAC Agency networking is back for 2020!

Join The WAC team this Friday 31st January 2020 and network with other local businesses in a super fun environment. 

The goal of this incredible event is to connect with like-minded individuals and create new business opportunities. 

Are you ready to participate in this unique experience? Discover new ideas, build new relationships, and support Top Jump, a local MK business. 

Where Fitness Meets Logic

At WAC Agency, we bring you business networking with a difference. We go beyond the stereotypical handshake and meet-and-greet to create an interactive experience like no other.

This Friday 31st January, join us at Top Jump Inflatable Park from 9 am to 11 am.

We’ve hired the entire park to create a special atmosphere where you’ll be offered a new way to meet decision-makers, connect with real people, and work as a team to win a trophy.

Don’t worry, this event offers so much more than just jumping around! We’re offering some logic team games along the way with a slush puppy to cool you down after.

Climb. Bounce. Exercise. Network.

Soak in the team spirit at this exciting event as we create an innovative way to support your local business scene.

Raise your business profile and gain greater visibility to keep your business front and center in the minds of the right people.

Identify new opportunities for partnerships, new areas of development for your business, and boost your confidence as an entrepreneur.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. There is still time to buy tickets for our WAC Business Networking at Top Jump Inflatable Park! 

*Please bring suitable clothing, a hand towel, and a water bottle and feel good for the rest of the weekend.